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Sermon #567 – Labor In Vain

Sermon #567 – Labor In Vain
Delivered On Sunday Morning, May 1, 1864,
By The Rev. C. H. Spurgeon,
At The Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington.

“Jonah Said Unto Them, Take Me Up And Cast Me Forth Into The Sea; So Shall The Sea Be Calm Unto You: For I Know That For My Sake This Great Tempest Is Upon You. Nevertheless The Men Rowed
Hard To Bring It To The Land. But They Could Not: For The Sea Worked And Was Tempestuous Against Them.”
Jonah 1:12, 13.,


pronunció en la mañana del domingo, 1 de mayo de 1864,
por el REV. C. H. SPURGEON,
en el tabernáculo metropolitano, NEWINGTON.

“Jonás les dijo: me lleve y me fundido sucesivamente en el mar; así será el mar calma á vosotros: porque yo sé que por mi causa esta gran tempestad sobre vosotros. Sin embargo los hombres remé duro para traerlo a la tierra. Pero no pudieron, por el mar tempestuoso funcionaba y estaba en contra de ellos.” Jonás 1:12 y 13.

Sermon #564 – A Promise Four Us And Four Our Children

Sermon #564 A Promise For Us And For Our Children

Delivered On Sunday Morning, April 10, 1864,
By The Rev. C, H. Spurgeon,
At The Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington.

“Yet Now Hear, O Jacob, My Servant. And Israel, Whom I Have Chosen: Thus Says The Lord That Made You And Formed You From The Womb, Which Will Help You. Fear Not, O Jacob, My Servant. And You, Jesurun, Whom I Have Chosen. For I Will Pour Water Upon Him That Is Thirsty And Floods Upon The Dry Ground: I Will Pour My Spirit
Upon Your Seed And My Blessing Upon Your Offspring: And They Shall Spring Up As Among The
Grass, As Willows By The Water Courses. One Shall Say, I Am The Lord’s, And Another
Shall Call Himself By The Name Of Jacob. And Another Shall Subscribe With His
Hand Unto The Lord, And Surname Himself By The Name Of Israel.”
Isaiah 44:1-5.