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(SPANISH) Sermón Número 515, De Abogado Del Pecador

Sermón Número 515, De Abogado Del Pecador

 Un Sermón Pronunciado El Domingo Por La Mañana, Junio 21,1863,
 Por El Reverendo C. H. Spurgeon
En El Tabernáculo Metropolitano, Newington.

“Hijitos Míos, Estas Cosas Os Escribo, Para Que No Pequéis. Y Si Algún Hombre Peca, Abogado Tenemos Para Con El Padre, A Jesucristo El Justo.
Primera De Juan 2:1.

Sermon #511- Pentecost

Sermon #511- Pentecost

A Sermon Delivered On Sunday Morning, May 24, 1863,

By The Rev. C. H. Spurgeon,

At The Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington.

“When The Day Of Pentecost Was Fully Come, They Were All With One Accord In One Place. And Suddenly There Came A Sound From Heaven As Of A Rushing Mighty Wind, And It Filled All The House Where They Were Sitting. And There Appeared Unto Them Cloven Tongues Like As Of Fire, And It Sat Upon Each Of Them.

And They Were All Filled With The Holy Spirit And Began To Speak With

Other Tongues, As The Spirit Gave Them Utterance.”

Acts 2:1-4.